What is AAHA? 

AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association which is an organization that inspects companion animal veterinary clinics and awards accreditation to those that pass the inspection. AAHA veterinary practices are evaluated on over 900 different standards of care!


Did you know that veterinary practices are NOT required to be inspected??

At Country Hills Pet Hospital, we voluntarily welcome AAHA inspection to make sure we are providing the best service to our clients and the best care for their pets.

Country Hills Pet Hospital is the only veterinary clinic in the Fond du Lac area that is AAHA accredited! 


Why is it important that Country Hills is AAHA accredited?

Since originally becoming AAHA accredited in the year 2000, Country Hills Pet Hospital has earned AAHA accreditation year after year. This means we are certified as providing excellent care to your pet! Listed below are just a select few of the standards that only AAHA clinics are required to abide by:

  • Blood draws, catheter placement, and anesthesia monitoring can only be performed by a certified veterinary technician or veterinarian (assistants and untrained staff are not permitted to perform these tasks)
  • All syringes, needles, and endotracheal tubes are single use (they are not cleaned and re-used on different patients)
  • Pre-surgical bloodwork and ECG are required prior to undergoing anesthesia in order to properly screen for underlying health issues that could increase anesthetic risk
  • Dental x-rays are performed with every dental cleaning so we aren’t missing disease that is hidden below the gumline
  • Veterinarians are required to wear sterile gowns and gloves while performing any surgical procedure


AAHA gives us a benchmark for providing excellent care…

We are AAHA accredited because we care about you and your pet!



Join us on July 28th to help celebrate AAHA!