Dog Wash

Because we care.


The machine accepts Credit/Debit Cards and exact cash only. The machine does not give back change. (See “Cost” question below)

It costs $5.00 to start the wash unit with 7 minutes on the clock which is displayed on both the LCD screen and touch screen. As your time runs out, the machine will give you warning tones to let you know you are nearing the end. Need more time? You can add more minutes to your wash on the touch screen by selecting $0.50 increments all the way up to 5$.

The self-service pet wash is open 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365 days per-year. This 24/7/365 service is because of the very good heating & air conditioning system within the pet wash.

The Dog Wash has a touch screen which will guide you through your pet’s tub time. Each selection will give you a recommended time frame of how long to use each product/cycle. You may also change the automated voice by touching the celebrity head along the outside of the touch screen for added amusement! If you have any issues with the use of the dog wash, please let a staff member know or leave us a message at (920) 477-3003 ext 0 outside of business hours and we will be happy to assist you!
The Pet Wash is cleaned and disinfected daily or more often as needed! We ask patrons to use the last few seconds to spray the tub and wash area with the Tub Disinfectant. It keeps things nice for the next patron. Should you ever come and find that our Pet Wash was left in an unsatisfactory state, please let us know!
We don’t supply or sell towels. The Dog Wash has a “Blow Dryer” which will assist in drying the dog. Some folks still prefer to bring their own towel with them, and we certainly don’t have a problem with that.

Worried about having your canine friend “escape” from the bath? No worries! In the tub, there is a tether with a leash-end. If your dog has a collar on that can get wet, you can hook your pet up to keep him/her in place. The length of the tether can be adjusted by feeding it through the loops near the front of the tub. Washing Fido on the floor? You can lock the doors from the inside, so you can effectively lock yourself in the Pet Wash, preventing a large dog from pushing the door open.

The Pet Wash is ADA-Compliant, which means there is enough room for someone in a standard wheelchair to roll-in and turn completely around inside the unit, so there is a lot more floor space than you would think. The floor drains into the same hair-collection filters as the tub, so if your dog is extra-large or otherwise unable to climb into the tub, you are welcome to leave your pet on the floor and wash him/her there!
You DO NOT need to bring you own shampoos, or other solutions. Along with selecting the “Rinse” cycle to spray clear warm water, you can select the desired solution and have the water come out sudsy, with the soap already mixed-in. Your choices are: Shampoo, Conditioner, blow drying options, as well as a Tub Disinfectant setting (safe for dogs, although we DO NOT recommend disinfecting with your dog in the tub).

***Other Note: Although we supply the soaps and solutions pre-mixed, you are ALWAYS WELCOME to bring and use your own solutions if you prefer or your pet needs a specific wash solution.