Tech Week- Sarah Zurmond

posted: by: Annie Wagner, Country Hills Pet Hospital Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Sarah, CVT, CCRP

Sarah is not only a technician here at Country Hills Pet Hospital; she is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and the staff manager! Sarah started her career at Country Hills in 2009 after graduating from the Madison Area Technical College. Did you know that she is 1 of 7 (including Dr. Thompson) physical therapy certified in Wisconsin? For all your pet’s physical therapy needs, Sarah is the one to see! Let’s see what she has to say about herself in the following questionnaire:

1. If you could have an animal super “power” what would it be? (i.e super smell, eyesight, fly, swim, etc) Why?
I would like to swim like a fish, because I can’t!

2. You know you are a vet tech when………Your long lost relatives call for pet advice on “things to do at times”- Please call your veterinarian she says!

3. What is one area or skill you wish was covered more at school in the Veterinary Technician Program?
I wish they went into details about alternative therapies like physical therapy.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at CHPH?
My favorite thing is the high standard of care and constant improvement in veterinary medicine!

5. You get to do one technician duty, every day all day, what are you doing?
I like to lance cysts!

6. What is the best pet product available on the market? How about the worst?
Most “kong” products are best- they last a long time even with a strong chewer.The worst are knock off flea & tick products.

7. Do you have a favorite pet tv commercial? How about pet movie?
“Running of the bulldogs” even though it’s not a pet product commercial.
Oliver and Company

8. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a pet do at the clinic?
I once saw a dog dive back into a cone after we took it off!

9. If you could pick any animal for a pet, what would it be? Why?
I would pick a dog- they are the best!

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done or said in front of a client?
I once went into the wrong exam room and realized the clients in there were not the pet’s owners.

11. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

12. Describe one thing you wish pet parents would or wouldn’t do in the exam room.
Please don’t give your pet a bath right before coming  to the clinic, a dirty dog is better to hold than a wet dog.

13.   What is your favorite activity to do with your pet?
I like to run with Ivan and just being outdoors

Thank you Sarah for all that you do!