Spring is in the Air!

posted: by: Annie Wagner, Country Hills Pet Hospital Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Let’s officially welcome spring and everything that goes along with it- open windows, planting flowers, spring break, Easter… and BUGS! Yep- those dreaded ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are coming out & about to enjoy the nice weather too.

First up- preventatives, preventatives, preventatives! Veterinarians do not just recommend these products to add an up-sell or to get bonuses from the manufacturer. They recommend them because they work and help keep your dog & cat from being a moving, 24/7 buffet. 
Heartworm preventatives for dogs, such as Heartgard or Roadrunner Parasite Protection, are only available through veterinarian prescription. They also act as dewormers, as well- effectively protecting against unwanted parasites (ie- roundworms & hookworms) from showing up in your dogs stool. Heartgard is also available for our feline friends too!
How about flea & tick preventatives? Your veterinarian recommends the best flea/tick prescriptions for your pet, like the oral preventatives, Bravecto & Nexgard for dogs and Revolution for cats. However, there are also many different products carried at local pet stores for both dogs & cats. All preventatives are easy to give and apply, some lasting for months at a time. So why not protect them now and save your pet from possible infestations & diseases that can result from those blood hungry insects!

Next- Are your pets up-to-date on their heartworm & tick screens?  This important blood work is strongly recommended to test every year. Not only does it check for heartworm disease spread by mosquitoes but also tests for tick borne diseases like Lymes, Anaplasmosis, & Ehrlichia Canis. Catching these diseases early simply by testing every year will keep not only your pet happy and healthy but your pocketbook too!

Lastly, let’s talk fleas. The easiest way to keep fleas away is to start by PREVENTING them from cozying with your pet in the first place. However if your pet does come in contact with these pesky little buggers there is an end in sight- it just might take a little while longer to get there. You must treat your pet for at least 3 months and also their environment as well is key! Shampoos, carpet powders, and premise sprays are all good products to use to get your home back under control.

Short of having your pet live inside a plastic bubble to enjoy the nice weather; keeping them bug free & happy by using preventatives & doing annual testing is just fine with us!

Also as a reminder since we are talking spring, remember to keep your pet safe during the Easter holiday! Candy (especially chocolate), colorful basket grass, lilies, and your delicious Sunday ham can all pose as a health risk to your pet!

Happy Easter from Country Hills Pet Hospital!!