ProHeart 6

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Whew, what a long winter it has been! Spring is (Finally) here and that means it’s time to talk about Heartworm prevention again.

So we all know that a single bite from an infected mosquito can put a pet at risk for developing heartworm disease. Dogs, and cats too, that spend the most time outdoors are definitely more at risk, but even pets that rarely go outside are still at risk as well. Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite in your house or car? So can pets! Cases have also been seen in all 50 states, so it’s important to protect your dog no matter where you live. At Country Hills Pet Hospital we have diagnosed 5 cases since 2013! Don’t let your dog become a statistic!

Good news! Preventing Heartworm Disease has just become easier! Country Hills Pet Hospital now has ProHeart 6.

What is ProHeart 6?
Just 1 injection of ProHeart 6 provides your dog with 6 months of protection and gives you 6 months’ peace of mind. If monthly products like Heartgard, Revolution or RoadRunner Parasite Protection are easily forgotten in your household, this may be the perfect product for your pet.
With an injection given every 6 months, it’s simple for your veterinarian to give and becomes one less thing for you to worry about every month! We will even send you a reminder when it is almost time for your dog’s next injection! Or better yet, schedule the next injection before you even leave the clinic!

Are there any requirements?
Yes, but they are so easy we don’t even need to classify them as requirements, just merely checks off the list.
ProHeart 6 is recommended for dogs at least 6 months of age. A Heartworm test is also required before starting ProHeart 6 injections and performed annually thereafter.

What is the cost and how does it compare effectively to other products?
The ProHeart 6 cost varies per pet as it depends on how much your dog weighs, however it is comparable to other monthly products on the market considering it is only 2 injections per year! ProHeart 6 also has a preventative against hookworms too!

So is ProHeart 6 the right option for your dog? Please call us for more information or to schedule your dog’s Heartworm Test and ProHeart 6 Injection today!

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