Physical Therapy Highlight: Grace

posted: by: Annie Wagner & Sarah Zurmond Country Hills Pet Hospital Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Our physical therapy highlight this month is Grace! Grace has been with her family since she was a little 8 week old puppy. She lives with two kitties but they aren’t the best of friends. She loves to play with tennis balls and chew on bones. Grace’s favorite place to be is hunting in the fields. As long as she is roaming around & going for walks she’s happy! 

Grace started physical therapy after she had cruciate surgery performed by Dr. Thompson. She came in twice a week for physical therapy to regain the proper motion & muscle to pheasant hunt! His mom has the following to say about Grace’s experience in our physical therapy department, “Her therapy was exceptional. Sarah’s rehab skills and knowledge got Grace back hunting like a pheasant machine again!”

Grace is no wimp, she got the green light to hunt because of her unspeakable determination to be out in the fields. No knee is going to slow her down!