Embark- The journey of your dog's DNA

posted: by: Marina Wehner & Annie Wagner Country Hills Pet Hospital Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Country Hills Pet Hospital is now offering Embark DNA testing for your canine companion. This DNA panel is not only for your “mixed breed” dog to determine their ancestry but for any dog at any age! Embark analyzes the specific genetic makeup of every sample submitted, over 200,000 genetic markers, to look for predisposition to over 160 different health disorders. These disorders include: drug sensitivity, blood clotting disorders, hormonal imbalances, immune system diseases, conditions of the eyes (such as glaucoma), kidney and bladder problems, dilated cardiomyopathy of the heart, brittle bone disease, and many more.

 Knowing the genetic status of your pet allows us to cater, even more closely, to their individual care. Knowing what breed your pet is can help with training by knowing how to provide appropriate exercise and certain techniques. We can also offer care in the way of preventative medicine to slow the onset of certain diseases, lessen the severity of the symptoms of others, and provide precise nutrition for exactly what your pet needs. We can avoid medications that may aggravate certain conditions, have transfusions ready for patients with clotting disorders, and test for sub-clinical early signs of diseases that your pet may be more likely to experience.

In puppies, these genetic markers can give us a very close estimate of their adult size and ideal weight.  Lifespan is also calculated, as well as their precise “genetic age” at the time of the sampling, so that their diet can be designed specifically for your pet. By testing for these common genetic diseases, we can work hard to make sure that your pet’s quality of life is high in proportion to their quantity of life.

Even better, the sample is taken with a cheek swab.  No poke for a blood draw! This simple in-clinic sampling will yield results in 8-10 weeks so that we can care for your pet to the best of our abilities.