Back to School

posted: by: Annie Wagner, Country Hills Pet Hospital Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

It’s that time of year again! A time where kids are sad and parents are glad! The school buses are on the road, new shoes are out of the box, backpacks are waiting to be filled, and pets are confused. Where are their best friends going and why are they not home anymore? Our house, which has been a hopping place all summer, is now quieter and bed times are enforced. Amidst of all the new hustle and bustle school days bring, our pets are still there!

To keep your pet happy while the kids are gone, think about setting aside some special bonding time with your furry friend.  If older children are away at college, some pets can even get depressed or anxious when a beloved family member moves away. Sticking to a normal routine with some extra added attention can help!
After the school bus carts your kids off for a fun day of learning, try working on a new trick or brushing up on some obedience lessons with your pet while there are fewer distractions around. Take your dog on an extended walk around the neighborhood or travel to the dog park for some ball throwing fun! For our lonely kitties, engage in a game of laser chase or have a nice grooming session with their favorite brush!

When those noisy & excited kiddos do come home, encourage them to partake in their pet’s care. Having them help feed the family pet it’s supper or giving a special after-school snack not only helps your kids feel important but includes your pet in a fun new routine as well.  If your child is learning to read or is already an avid reader, have them practice reading to their pet. Studies have shown more confidence & comfort when reading to a pet, and on the plus side, pets inadvertently get some loving attention from your reader too!

The fall & back to school season is not only a transition for you and your family, but for your pet too. Think of some ways at home you can help your pet with any anxiety they may be feeling with the start of a new school year!